Joining The Black Tea Party means gaining access to a sustainable method of contribution to the Revolution! Together, our community will move the needle from protest to proactive. Periodically, we will call on our members to take strategic actions that strengthen our position as agents of Black socio-economic equity. During TEA Time, members will move as one. This may include flexing our spend power and directing it in a manner that will make some noise. It could mean rallying around an initiative that aligns with our mission. In some cases we will apply pressure to the system, in others we will create our own solutions. No matter what it is, we will be more effective when we all move as a fist rather than fingers. This collective is going to be of our members’ design. This is not a plan contrived by the elite. We believe we have all the brilliance and talent we need among us. As we build out this platform, we want to hear your voice. We can’t do this without you!

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