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The Party - The Black Tea Party™

the party

The Mission

To create a collaborative and sustainable ecosystem that develops solutions, provides resources and creates opportunities to achieve economic equity.

The Vision

Abolish income inequality and close the racial wealth gap disproportionately affecting Black people globally.

The Code (Our Core Values)

As Members of The Black Tea Party:

🌱 We engage in civic participation
🌱 We do not tolerate or participate in bigotry of any kind
🌱 We practice inclusivity and respect intersectionality
🌱 We are peaceful but not passive
🌱 We are forward-thinking and proactive, never complacent and reactive
🌱 We are good stewards of the earth, our communities, and our fellow brothers and sisters
🌱 We will forever advocate for the socio-economic empowerment of Black America and equity for all

The Members (Who can join)


Members of The Black Tea Party™ are the lifeblood of the collective. We welcome all who seek to advance the Black community through economic autonomy and empowerment. We can’t do it without each of you!

founding members

Founding Members are members who will contribute to the direction and growth of the collective. We are seeking to grow our team in order to maximize our impact and service of the mission. This includes: activists, thought-leaders, creatives, business professionals, influencers, academics, etc. If you have something to contribute, we want you!

black-owned business members

Black-Owned Business Members, we love you! The Black Tea Party™ exists to support, empower, and provide access to Black entrepreneurship. As we grow, so will our services, and we do it all for you!

tea partner organizations

TEA Partner Organizations are our heroes. We know you are the boots on the ground, doing the hard work and fighting the good fight. The Black Tea Party™ is not here to compete with or try to replace any existing institutions . We will always endeavor to be in service and in support of you!