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Welcome to The Black Tea Party™

The Roots (Our Story)

Systemic racism: I mean, say less. 

It’s been a hell of a year, and who knew all it would take for America to recognize its issue with racism is, well, a whole pandemic. Nonetheless, here we are, fam. We’re fed up and united in our fight against injustice. 

To matter is important…but it’s also the bare minimum.

We are The Black Tea Party™ and we want our chips with the dip. We are an inclusive, progressive, peaceful but not passive collective aimed at ushering a new era in which Black people have the opportunity to not only live but thrive. 

We Believe

We believe that a cooperative model in which Black and non-Black folks use our collective financial and civic powers is our greatest opportunity for lasting change. In this model, we will act as agents of equity (see The Tea for definition), demanding and creating ownership and reinvestment in our areas of greatest need, in order to elevate the Black experience—and society as a whole—now and for generations to come. To ya’ll out there, who don’t wanna be in a country where the Karens and the Klan are…all up in ya’ pockets, all in the legislation, tap dancin’ on ya’ rights…


We invite you to join The Black Tea Party™–where we let it steep and sip it slow, because the revolution is being strategized!

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